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Tuition Rate

Market Rate

The tuition rate largely depends on how much you expect. You can key in your expected tuition rate when you register. We will offer your expected tuition rate to the parents when your qualification and experience meet their requirement.

How Much To Quote?

It is advisable to quote the expected rate which is consistent with your experience and qualification. If your expected tuition fee is too high as compared to the others who have the same qualification, itís very difficult for us to find students for you because the parents would less likely to hire you. Conversely, if you want to get students sooner, you may consider to quote a lower rate.
  Below are the market rate in KL for your reference: ( tuition fees per hour in RM)


Part-time Tutor
Full-time tutor
Current School Teacher


10 - 30
25 - 30
> 25
15 - 35
30 - 35
> 30
20 - 40
35 - 40
> 35

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