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Why Home Tuition?
    Home Tuition is better, because:

  • Students will get close and personal attention     <<more
    • 1 teacher for 1 student
    • As compared to
      • tuition centres: 10 Ė 20 students per class
      • School: 30 Ė 50 students per class
  • Good Interaction     <<more
    • Students are more likely to ask tutors question
    • Students are less likely to be shy
    • They would not be afraid of being teased by their friends
    • As compared to
      • tuition centres : Children will afraid of being laughed by their friends.
      • School : Children may face peer pressure when asking questions in class.
  • Focus on studentís weaknesses     <<more
    • on weak subjects
    • on weak writing skills or weak grammar in language subjects
    • on weak understanding of formulae or wrong concept in Math and Sciences
    • As compared to
      • tuition centres: only manage to focus each studentís weaknesses if the group is small enough
      • School: very difficult to focus on each child individually
  • Step-by-Step guidance     <<more
    • Teach the students from the basics.
    • Students are ensured of their understanding before going to next chapter
    • As compared to
      • tuition centres: Students may face difficulty in catching up with the syllabus in class if the students were to join a class which has already begun for a few months.
      • School : Teachers teach according to the timeline given by the principal. Most of the time, they can only make sure the majority of the students understand the lessons in class.
  • Save travelling time, energy and cost     <<more
    • You and your children can save time and energy in transportation
    • Students only have to wait at their house for the tutor to arrive.
    • As compared to tuition centres
      • Children need to be sent to a far-located tuition centres
      • Parents need to wait for the the class to end
      • Children need to be picked-up from the tuition centres.
      • You need to wait for your children outside the tuition centres
      • You may suffer from traffic jam with the other waiting parents
  • Replacement classes can be arranged     <<more
    • You can arrange replacement classes with the tutor if your children could not attend any of them.
    • Make sure the students understand all the concepts before going to next chapter
    • As compared to tuition centres:
      • Your children could not get any replacement class
      • Tuition fees are wasted for the missing class
      • Your children would face difficulties in following the syllabus if they miss the classes
  • Children pay more attention    <<more
    • Children are less likely to be distracted by other factors.
    • They are able to be more concentrate in class, with a more comfortable learning environment
    • As compared to tuition centres/ schools
      • Your children may be chatting with friends
      • The whole class may be too noisy
      • Students may be sleeping or dreaming during the class
  • Childrenís mistakes are corrected on the spot     <<more
    • Home tutors can correct your childrenís mistakes with explanation on the spot
    • Make sure the students understand all the concepts before going to the next chapter
    • Students are more likely not to repeat the same mistakes
    • As compared to tuition centres
      • Some tutors do not mark studentís exercise books
      • Your children will not know their mistakes unless they were to ask the tutors
    • As compared to school
      • Teachers will mark studentís exercise books and write down the correct answers
      • However, they have about many exercise books to mark
      • Sometimes, they may not provide oral or written explanation for the right answers
      • Students may not know why their answers are wrong
  • Flexible tuition time     <<more
    • You can choose your preferred tuition time
    • You can choose not to have tuition class
      • Shortly after school, because students are tired
      • On Sunday, because itís family day
      • On Saturday morning, your children may be having swimming classes, piano classes or co-curriculum.
    • As compared to tuition centres,
      • Limited choices of tuition time
  • You can choose the tutor, according to their    <<more
    • Race
    • Gender
    • Qualification
    • Experience
    • Language used in conducting the lesson
    • As compared to
      • You do not know the tutorís qualification and experience
      • A tuition centres can hire part-time tutors who do not have any experience in order to save cost
      • A tuition centres can always change their tutors, you have no choice on who is going to teach
Why get home tutors from us?

            We have the largest database of tutors in Malaysia.

             We keep track of our tutors' teaching record and parents' feedback.

             We only recommend qualified & experienced tutors after stringent screening and selection.

            We can make arrangement for you to interview tutors upon request.

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