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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

  Where and when is the tuition class?
  You can choose the location. It can be at any branches of your tuition centre.
  Do I have to pay for the matching services?
  No. This service is FREE for tuition centre during the trial period. We only charge the tutors for referral fee.
  How long does it take to get a tutor upon submitting a request?
  Firstly, we will call to confirm your request within 2 working days. Then, suitable tutor will be short-listed within another 4 working days. In the other words, you can get a suitable tutor within 6 days
  Can I change the tutor if I found that he or she is not suitable?
  Yes. If you are not satisfied with the tutor, you can change the tutor without any charges. However, you need to pay the tuition fees for all tuition sessions given by the tutor unless the tutor has agreed to provide free trial classes.

How can I pay the salary to the tuition teacher?
You will have to pay the salary of first two weeks to us. The salary of subsequent weeks and months can be directly paid to the tuition teacher.


How do I know my payment has been received by Home Tuition Care?

A receipt will be posted to your housing address within 14 working days after you have paid.

  Are the tutors our employees?

No. Home Tuition Care does not employ any tutors. We only provide matching services. Thus, we are not responsible for any misconduct by the tutor.

Who are the tutors?
Experienced Educators, Lecturers, Professional Tutors, Scholarship Holders, High Achievers and Top Scorers. The tutors are short-listed from the thousands of applicants we receive each month. You can request us to send you a detailed Tutor Profile of the tutor before the 1st lesson.


Further inquiries?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.